Lisbon has never been so popular to visit, study, live, work or invest in. Centuries of history and tradition coexist with a contemporary vibe throughout the entire city.

A City of Contrasts


The city is blessed with spectacular light, as well as a unique climate and quality of life: good levels of security and stability, mobility, air quality and an extremely competitive cost of living in comparison to other European cities. But there's also the city’s hospitality, natural beauty and charm; a city full of contrasts between the modern and classic, the traditional and innovative. An authentic city with the advantage of being close to beaches, countryside and golf courses. 



Lisbon is the economic hub of a vast region and has qualified human resources in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It also offers an extensive real estate offering and was considered the most attractive European city property investment in 2019. All of these factors mean that Lisbon is increasingly sought after by international companies as a destination to set up their headquarters and competence centres. Google, Amazon and Mercedez-Benz are some recent examples.



It's also a choice destination for events: a city with a strong creative and entrepreneurial spirit, and a modern network of transport and telecommunications infrastructures. Web Summit, the largest technology and entrepreneurial conference, is now a reference for the city.

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