Gastronomy and Wines in Portugal

Portuguese dishes, flavours and styles are as rich as the diversity of the country's culture and landscapes. And there will always be a good wine to match.



The Portuguese diet is Mediterranean by origin with a generous splash of our own, internationally award-winning olive oil, along with aromatic herbs, an assortment of fruit and vegetables, and produce from the sea which represents one of its greatest legacies. Grilled fish – always fresh – seafood, and the traditional cataplanas and stews are always on the table. Meat dishes, a superb range of produce with Protected Denomination of Origin from North to South, including veal, pork or goat cooked in a variety of different ways in each region. Not to mention the cheeses: such as Serra, Ilha, Nisa, Azeitão or Serpa; and desserts that come from deep-rooted convent traditions, for which there are no lack of modern names. The traditional pastel de nata (egg tart) is also on the list, and an Expresso coffee, of course. 


All our gastronomy comes with a good wine. There’s wine to suit all tastes: whites and reds, sparkling, fortified and liqueur wines. Portugal has a strong winemaking tradition with wines from the Douro and Alentejo, as well as the famous Port and Madeira wines. Wines that are world-renown for their quality and with extremely interesting and prestigious wineries that you can visit, taste the wine, get to the know the region and its people. 


The most traditional popular taverns sit alongside the most contemporary restaurants throughout the country, providing rich, varied and unforgettable gastronomical experiences. From the most rustic to the most sophisticated menus, the country’s restaurants enhance Portuguese cuisine, but without neglecting other international influences from countries such as Italy, Japan, China and the Middle East. 

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