Art and Culture in Portugal

Art and culture reflect the Portuguese character and its openness to the world. You'll find them in villages, towns and cities, in the monuments and in popular traditions. There's something for everyone.



Portugal has more than 20 UNESCO World Heritage assets, reflections of the country’s soul. Starting with Fado and Cante Alentejano and the historic centre of Porto, Guimarães or Évora; monuments such as the Royal Mafra Building, the Bom Jesus de Braga Sanctuary, or the Jerónimos Monastery and the Belém Tower, the Convent of Christ or the University of Coimbra. The cultural landscape of Alto Douro and Sintra.




Popular festivals are part of Portuguese culture and tradition, enlivening the country from the capital to the smallest village, and from North to the South. It's a vast itinerary with stopovers in places like Viana do Castelo, Viseu, Tomar, Campo Maior or Redondo, not forgetting the Santos Populares in Lisbon and Porto. Music festivals also mark the cultural itinerary, with styles to suit all ages and tastes, from jazz to rock as well as ethnic music. NOS Alive in Lisbon is one of the best in the world, and MEO Sudoeste or Músicas do Mundo (Sines) also lay ahead.




The National Museum network alone has more than 150 spaces, with an exceptional wealth of collections, installations, games and educational activities. There are many more throughout the country with thousands of artworks that deserve to be seen. The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon and Serralves in Porto are not to be missed, but the brand new MAAT, the Coach Museum and the Azulejo (Portuguese tile) museum are also key places for your list. Not forgetting the fabulous urban art that amazes us on the street: authentic open-air galleries.




The increasingly dynamic cultural agenda is not only limited to large cities like Lisbon or Porto. You'll find excellent theatre halls from North to South, that hold concerts, plays and other artistic performances that’ll become etched in your memory forever.

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